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New Earth is the end of the composting process which begins when flower mandalas are decomposing into the earth beneath it. This special work was originally started by Auroculture. Started it in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and after moving to Auroville she brought it there. For the last twenty years, this work is happening in the Matrimandir garden - the heart of Auroville. Flowers in Sri Aurobindo Ashram have great importance. Mother gave spiritual significance to nearly 900 flowers.

In the Ashram gardens, many of these flowers are cultivated and they are harvested daily to be offered on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Samadhi arranged in wonderful patterns. These arrangements are changed twice daily at 4 o’clock in the morning and at 12 noon. On Sundays at 4 am when the team starts to take the flowers off the Samadhi, we collect the flowers which are not going to be reused or otherwise given as Prasad and we bring them to the Matrimandir garden.

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